Prospective Students


The D&P lab is an active training environment for graduate and undergraduate students.   Lab members at the graduate and undergraduate levels regularly participate in all activities that support ongoing research projects. Moreover, students are supported in the development of their own research initiatives.

Graduate Research Opportunities

Because Dr. Valentino’s research is at the interface of developmental and clinical psychology, she mentors students in the Developmental and Clinical graduate program areas.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

**The D&P Lab accepts applications each semester for admission to the lab in the following semester.  Contact Dr. Valentino for a copy of the application.** 

Lab Research:  Dr. Valentino’s lab research course provides students with comprehensive research training and experience in developmental psychopathology. Currently, the D&P lab is actively pursuing multiple research projects. These projects focus on: (a) evaluating the long-term efficacy of a brief, therapeutic intervention for maltreated preschool-aged children and their maltreating mothers, (b) memory, coping, and mother-child interactions among a group of economically disadvantaged preschool aged children, (c) risk and protective factors supporting the healthy development of Mexican origin youth coping with discrimination.

Lab research students will have the opportunity to participate in all activities that support our ongoing research projects.  Typical student activities include participating in a weekly lab meeting, data entry, coding, and management.  In students' second semester with the lab and beyond, students may be trained in clinical and developmental assessment measures and may have direct contact with research participants.  Advanced students may also have the opportunity to travel to important professional meetings to help present research findings.  Additionally, advanced students are encouraged to engage in mentored research and to complete a Senior Thesis.

Students are expected to work 10hrs/week, for which they earn 3 credits or 7 hrs/week for 2 credits.  We ask that students commit to working in the D&P lab for a minimum of two semesters.  A two semester commitment is important because it allows students time to receive training and develop proficiency in a wide range of skills that are essential for conducting clinical research. This experience will undoubtedly enhance student applications for graduate work in research and applied fields. Students are responsible for transportation to the Center for Children & Families.

Interested students should contact Dr. Valentino at for further information.