Welcome to the Development & Psychopathology Laboratory!

A mother and child facing each other over a ball and holding hands

The D&P Lab is located at the Shaw Center for Children and Families, and is part of the Department of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Kristin Valentino is the director.


Guiding our research is a developmental psychopathology perspective, which emphasizes the interface between normal and atypical development. We integrate methods from developmental, clinical, and cognitive psychology, and utilize a multiple-levels-of analysis approach towards the study of child development and child psychopathology. We also develop and evaluate translational research interventions to foster healthy development among maltreating families.

Specific topics of study include: parent-child interactions, parent-child reminiscing, relational interventions, memory development, emotion socialization, trauma & memory, emotion regulation, self representations, attachment.

Specific populations include: maltreated children, children living in poverty, low income families, etc.


The D&P Lab is an active training environment for graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Notre Dame.


A major goal of the D&P Lab is to translate our developmental research findings into effective prevention and intervention strategies for at-risk children and their families. Members of the D&P lab are also dedicated to providing service to children and families in the South Bend community.